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Schloss Reinhartshausen

Legendary Rieslings since 1337 - at one of the world‘s oldest winegrowing estates with 64 Hectares. Chateau Schloss Reinhartshausen has been a pillar of Rheingau wine culture for 680 years. Even today, the spirit of both past and present courses through their walls. All here breathe Riesling! The original Chateau bottlings promise world-class quality, now and forever, from the heart of the Rheingau. We, the Lergenmüller family, honor and cherish our outstanding vineyard sites by respecting the flora and fauna that thrive there. Following each selective harvest, our task is merely to preserve and guide the outstanding fruit arriving from the vineyards. Traditionally considered among the most cellarable bottles in all of the Rheingau, we are honoured to give our wines the time necessary to mature. We hope you enjoy our distinctive, harmonious, and terroir-driven Riesling as much as we do.
Mariannenaue, an island on the Rhine River, is a designated European Nature Reserve and, since 2015, a protected appellation for quality wine. Roughly 10,000 years ago, Father Rhine shaped Mariannenaue Island with his powerful currents, forming a limestone bedrock from sand and stones carried down from the Alps.
All wines from the 2021 and up vintage are now certified as organic.

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