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Schloss Reinhartshausen 2015 Erbacher Schlossberg Riesling Auslese white wine

Schloss Reinhartshausen 2015 Erbacher Schlossberg Riesling Auslese (0,75l)

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"Creamy; pear and pearls. Soft fennel notes turn cumin and caraway towards the end. Mango cream and grapefruit curd fill every corner with voluptuousness and glittering deep-packed acidity. Shining, velvety pillows of fruit hide candied ginger in their folds. Zinging with life." / Tamlyn Currin @ Janis Robinson / 17.5 points

The Grand Cru site "Schlossberg" is amongst the best in the world. For the cellar master of Schloss Reinhartshausen it is both a honour and a pleasure to be able to accompany these benchmark sites. The grapes of these Grand Cru are gently pressed by horizontal wooden presses involving intense manual labour.
Nearly a half a century ago, the most valuable vineyards around the historic castle were handed to the wine estate in sole ownership as "Schlossberg". The small grpaes from the ca. 60 year-old vines of this prime site in the Rheingau guarantee a quality, which is totally incomarable. Wines from the Schlossberg stand, as icons in Riesling culture, alone for themselves and are tentimony of the Riesing culture of the Rheingau.

Rich, sweet aroma of honey, ripe pineapple and other exotic fruit in the nose. Perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. Enjoy is with dessert of cheese.

Drinking window: Until 2035

Alcohol: 7,0% vol.
Res. sugar: 113,30 g/l
Acidity: 8,6 g/l