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The Jordan family first established the estate in 1718. Since then, the Bassermann-Jordan dynasty has produced leaders in Germany’s political, cultural and viticultural circles over the centuries. Ludwig Bassermann-Jordan was a founding member of what became today’s VDP, the prestigious association of Germany’s 200+ finest wine estates. The estate is also home to the Museum of Historical Wines which holds wines from as early as 1811.
Bassermann-Jordan produce organic wine.
This wine estate dates back over 300 years when wine production first began.  The estate covers around 49 hectares with more than 20 different vineyard sites.  One third are top rated vineyards such as Hohenmorgen, Kirchenstück and Jesuitengarten.  Priority is given to the careful handling of the grapes involving painstaking manual work which results in wines of great character.  There is an ethos of working with the land and they only use of natural products for pest prevention.

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