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Bassermann-Jordan 2022 Pechstein Riesling Grand Cru dry

Bassermann-Jordan 2022 Pechstein Riesling Grand Cru dry

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Vineyard: The site of the “PECHSTEIN” is situated at the western brim of the village of Forst. Forst is known for its superb vineyards whereof Pechstein is one of the most famous ones.
The PECHSTEIN is a southeast facing slope. The name of the vineyard indicates also the structure of the soil. Pehc stein means stones with a “tar”-like colour = black stones = Basalt. This volcanic material influences the vines a lot and brings powerful minerality to the wines.

Wine: The different plots were harvested and pressed separately. After clarifying the must by sedimentation overnight, fermentation took place in different wooden containers with the grape's own yeast. In the de-camber the wine was separated from the coarse yeast and reminded on the fine yeast until the filling in July. The filling took place without filtration.
The Pechstein shows in the nose a lot of exotic fruit like pineapple, grapefruit, lime zest and bergamot paired with flint and smoke. 
On the palate salty, dense and long with lots of minerality and fine acidity. 
Fits excellently with the modern Nordic cuisine with fish and seafood. The wine from Pechstein are characterised by their extreme longevity.

Alcohol: 12,5% vol.
Res. sugar: 3,8 g/l
Acidity: 6,1 g/l