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Schneider 2020 Niederhäuser Klamm Riesling Eiswein (0,375l)

Schneider 2020 Niederhäuser Klamm Riesling Eiswein (0,375l)

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"From 55 years old vines in the steep, south-facing slope on phorphyr rock. Whole-cluster pressing, fermented in a small stainless-steel tank, 60% spontaneous fermentation, bottled in May 2021. This is the first year they-ve been able to make this since 2016.
Strikingly long and elegant. So exquisite it's hard to describe. Iris perfume. Guave nectar. Blueberries. Green figs when they're dripped their sticky nectar like wild honey on a hot stone wall.Sometimes words won't do." / Tamlyn Currin @ Janis Robinson /
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Wine making: Whole cluster pressing, fermented in a small stainless steel tank, 60% natural yeast fermentation, bottled in May 2021

Tasting notes: Fine fruit, clear structure and extremely concentrated, very intense, ripe aromas of dried fruit.

Vineyard: Niederhäuser Klamm

Soil: A steep, south-facing slope which warms up quickly with phorphyr rock.

Age of vineyard: around 55 years old.

Yield: 3 hl/ha

Alcohol: 6,5% vol.
Res. sugar: 210,3 g/l
Acidity: 10,9 g/l