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Groebe 2023 Riesling Kabinett fruity

Groebe 2023 Riesling Kabinett fruity

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Wine: The Riesling Kabinett is a refreshing, elegant wine with a harmonious residual sweetness and delicious fruit flavours. The sweetness and minerality play on the palate and offer pure drinking pleasure.

Vineyard: From the glacial valley of the Rhine to the edge of a high plateau, rises the sloping Aulerde vineyard, which is sheltered by the eastern and southern slopes of Kirchspiel in the Rheinhessen region. The Riesling grapes used to produce this wine come from 25 year old vines grown in the Aulerde vineyards. The Aulerde vineyards are characterised by soil rich in loess loam and clay, as well as gritty sandstone.

Vinification: The grapes were harvested in late September and early October.

Food recommendation: The wine is a welcome companion to Asian food.

Alcohol: 10,0% vol.
Res. sugar: 36,8 g/l
Acididy: 7,5 g/l