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Göttelmann 2022 Dautenpflänzer Riesling dry white wine

Göttelmann 2022 Dautenpflänzer Riesling dry

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This dry Riesling has aromas of white currants, with a long lasting aromatic aftertaste. Matured in large wooden casks made of Hunsrück oak, you can taste the essence of the wood in the wine.

These Riesling grapes grow on steep vineyard slopes, where the stony soil is rich in red quarzite slate. The vines there are over 35 years old and the yield is no more than 0,5l/ square metre.

The ripe green berries with red cheeks were harvested by hand in the second week of October. The wine fermented with indigenous yeast in stainless steel vats and matured in large Hunsrück oak barrels.

Food recommendation: This white wine is the perfect accompaniment to light meat, lean pork and veal.

Alcohol: 12,0% vol.
Res. sugar: 7,1 g/l
Acisity: 7,3 g/l