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Sommelier Spotlight: Lucian Obreja from the L'Ortolan in Reading

The WineBarn speaks to Lucian Obreja, assistant head sommelier at the L'Ortolan, the only Michelin star restaurant in Reading in this month's 'Sommelier Spotlight'.

How would you describe the L'Ortolan's wine selection?
In terms of style, we look for wines of balance, wines that are true to type (representative of their origins) and wines that will complement our style of food. We have taken much pleasure in creating our wine list and we have a number of wines which we regard as hidden gems.

What attracted you to The WineBarn's wine selection?
The WineBarn’s selection is quite unique, Roter Riesling, for example. I am a big fan of Pinot Noir - German Pinot Noirs are amongst the best!

What is your opinion on the reception of German wine in your restaurant?
Great! Though some prices are a bit too high for some of our guests.

Where is the wine selection of  L'ortolan's heading in the coming months?
Because we have seasonal cuisine, our selection of wine by the glass will change. They're also influenced by my own beliefs, that wine should unique, biodynamic and organic.

What’s your favourite food and wine pairing on offer?
We had this great dish - duck breast with raspberry and beetroot - paired with Sasbacher Limburg Spätburgunder Grand Cru.


Lucian Obreja, Assistant Head Sommelier


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