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Ray O'Connor interviews Iris Ellmann

Ray O'Connor of the International Wine Challenge at our annual tasting (2010) at German Haus on Belgrave Square. Ray: “I'm here at German House in Belgrave square with Iris Ellmann from The WineBarn. Iris I've just done a lap of your room and tasted, as usual, amazing Rieslings but what was exceptional I thought were the Pinots; Pinot Gris, but especially Pinot Noir. Is there anything that you could tell me or anyone else why we might have found exceptional Pinot Noirs in Germany this year?”

Iris: “I think it's not just this year I mean German Pinot Noir is absolutely fantastic - it's very fruit driven, it's very elegant and the tannins are very very soft. It's just a fabulous wine to drink every day with or without food.”

Ray: “Are they applying any other techniques? Has this been a traditional style and are they keeping up with world trends?”

Iris: “I think it's a mixture of both so a little bit of tradition, but they have their own style so they're not trying to copy Burgundy for example, you know it is German Pinot Noir - German Spätburgunder.”

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