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Limited Selection of Meyer-Näkel Wines Available

Meyer-Näkel Wine Estate After the Flood

As you may already know, winemakers in the Ahr region such as Meyer-Näkel, were badly affected by severe flooding last July. Intense rainfall led to rivers bursting their banks. The unprecedented rise in water caused devastation - over 150 people were lost during the tragedy, homes were demolished and businesses ruined.

Sisters Meike and Dörte, who run the winery, said, "The flood had taken away pretty much everything we need for production, both in viticulture and in the cellar. We were really left with nothing. Without presses without tanks and barrels without tractors and wine-growing machines not even grape shears or buckets were left.”

The WineBarn were pleased to support Ahr winemakers at the time by donating 15% of our July sales to the VDP support fund.

Ahr Valley During the Flood

Thankfully, with the support they received and the sheer grit of their resilient team, Meyer-Näkel are coming back stronger and we are delighted to be able to offer a limited selection of their exceptional vintages.

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