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The Bischel Boys Bottle the Perfect Pinots and Refreshing Rieslings

The Bischel Boys - Brothers Christian and Matthias

The Bischel wine estate has been run by brothers Christian and Matthias Runkel - the “Bischel Boys” - since 2006. The Appenheim based estate in Rheinhessen was originally founded by their grandfather, Karl-Heinz Bischel, in 1968. These young winemakers focus on producing unique wines that reflect their heritage and devotion to uncompromising quality. They specialise in producing the finest Rieslings and Pinots that Germany has to offer.

Their impressive wines were given the recognition they truly deserve earlier this year, as Weingut Bischel became a member of the prestigious VDP. The VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikats) is the Association of German Wine Estates, an organisation of around 200 of Germany’s most elite wine producers. Members are only accepted after satisfying the criteria of the association’s strict review process, and once they have become a member, must undergo the review again every five years. Winemakers who are members of the VDP can be recognised by the eagle crest emblem that appears on their bottles.

Philipp Wittmann, president of the VDP.Rheinhessen, said of Bischel: "Their adoption into the association is a well-deserved confirmation of the way the Runkel brothers have striven for quality. VDP.Rheinhessen is pleased at this chance to redraw the map of Prädikat estates around Appenheim."

Bischel Wine Estate Cellar

The brothers attribute the quality of their wine to their refined traditional techniques that place emphasis on low yields, environmentally-friendly viticulture and selecting the grapes by hand only when they have reached optimum ripeness. These grapes are then gently pressed and fermented & matured in French oak barrels or stainless steel vats to be bottled the following year.

Christian and Matthias Runkel said:
"Origin is rightly the main focus, because it makes such a difference. Our wines offer an authentic reflection of what nature has brought us over 365 days."

Bischel Wine Estate Vineyards in Rheinhessen

Both brothers are graduates of Geisenheim University, a university that specialises in viticulture and horticulture and their diverse production and processing areas. Christian's professional experience includes working with with Tim Adams at Clare Valley in Australia and at Backsberg Estate in South Africa. Matthias was an apprentice at VDP.Weingut Keller in Flörsheim-Dalsheim and at Pinot specialist Neudorf in New Zealand

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