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Aldinger Wine - Steeped in History, Crafted by Brothers

The Aldinger winery in Fellbach, Württemberg has achieved numerous awards for its distinguished and exceptional wines, and is fast becoming the jewel in the crown of German wineries. Amongst Weingut Aldinger’s most popular wines are the; Lemberger Fellbacher (2016) their heady red, Sauvignon Blanc Réserve (2017) their flagship white and Brut Nature an elegant sparkling wine.

The Aldinger vineyard has a rich history. Württemberg wine estate, where the winery is based, was established by a Bentz from Aldingen am Neckar in 1492. It remained largely unknown until the then 25-year-old Gerhard Aldinger went it alone on 0.5 hectares in 1955 with his wife Anneliese. He decided against joining the estate’s cooperative, which was standard practice at the time, and a decision that was highly resented by other cooperative members. Gerhard wanted to make his mark as an independent winegrower and soon made his operation viable.

Gerhard’s son Gert (born 1956) took over in 1992 and was a keen wine enthusiast. He relished in visiting other wineries, experimented with innovative techniques, went to top restaurants to discover other wines and became Chairman of the VDP. His wife Sonja supported him and his father Gerhard continued to offer assistance. Gert’s passion and experience elevated the quality Aldinger wine.

Gert and Sonja have three children. Their daughter Carolin works in retail sales, whilst their sons Matthias (born 1981) and Hansjörg (born 1980) have always played an active role in the business.

Hansjörg followed his conventional wine training with a stay in New Zealand and with Willi Bründlmayer in Austria. He is now in charge of the vines. His brother Matthias also gained first-class teaching from Bernhard Huber (Baden) and Bassermann-Jordan (Pfalz). He also studied winemaking and oenology in Geisenheim. Matthias manages the cellar process.

Gert has stepped back from the operational side of the business, but is proud of his sons’ success and pleased to see that they continue to innovate and evolve Aldinger wine.


A wintry drive through the Aldinger vineyards - video below.


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