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Why German Wine?

Because German wines are among the finest and most elegant in the world!

German wine of course includes the infamous queen of grapes - Riesling, but in addition to award-winning Rieslings, The WineBarn would like to introduce you to Germany's other delicious offerings. A notable example, our Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) is ever-growing in popularity, and experts and wine-lovers alike are revelling in it's exciting discovery.

German wines convey authentic fruit flavours and a fine acidity, stemming from the cool climate, the combination making them refreshing and racy. Every sip is pure pleasure for nose and palate; something new and exciting that's stands out from the crowd. The wines are also incredibly versatile with food, whether you are enjoying European or Asian food.

Explore our German wine collection and try something deliciously new and daringly elegant.