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The WineClub: Advanced

The Advanced membership is for the serious wine lover, who’s palate and preferences are already finely tuned to extraordinary wines, and who would now like to experience the more prestigious German wines.

In addition to the membership benefits, our advance members will also receive bespoke 1:1 wine advice and guidance from The WineBarn MD, Iris Ellmann.

Only £129.00 per month

Please note that these additional items will only be valid during the annual membership, and will be discontinued after the membership has run out if you do not re-subscribe if you choose to stop your advanced membership with to The WineClub.

Advanced members will receive a mixed case of delicious Grand & Premier Cru red and white wines every three months.

Read our T&Cs here.

Come and Join us in Germany

If you would prefer us to customise your WineClub experience to your needs, please contact us and we will create the perfect experience for you.


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