St. Urbans-Hof 2020 Mosel Riesling dry white wine

St. Urbans-Hof 2020 Mosel Riesling dry

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Vineyard: The oldest vines date back to 1949, the time when the winery was built by Nik Weis' grandfather. The vineyards are located right around the estate which literally makes their dry Mosel Riesling a true estate wine.

Wine: Being the window to the Riesling world of Nik Weis, the dry Mosel Riesling represents the philosophy of Nik Weis, whose goal is to produce authentic and unique wines that clearly show the characteristics of their origin. Therefore, grapes are harvested carefully before being pressed at low pressure. The fermentation is done with indigenous yeasts only in order to keep as much of the vineyard and its particular terroir as possible. No fining substances are used during the vilification process and wines are given all time they need to develop a full character and taste.
Mosel Riesling delivers a beautiful, refined acidity and shares a wide range of fresh fruit like peaches, limes, quinces, apples and ripe grapefruits, as well as a composition of dried spices. The slate and alluvial soils on which the vines grow lend the Mosel Riesling its lively and light character and a refined structure with a subtle minerality.

Sustainability: St. Urbans-Hof are a certified member of FAIR'N GREEN. FAIR'N GREEN is a recognised system for sustainable viticulture in Germany, covering areas of environmental protection and social responsibility. Wineries that are certified members uphold the highest standards in sustainable practice, working in harmony with nature. They are rigorously audited every year to ensure these standards are upheld.

Food recommendation: A beautiful pairing for grilled sea bream with fresh herbs and salad, seafood pasta or veal dishes such as Vitello Tonnato.

Fermentation: Fermented with wild yeast, aged in stainless steel.

Drinking temperature: 8°C

Alcohol: 12,5% vol.