Schloss Reinhartshausen 2016 Erbach Hohenrain Riesling “Old Vines” dry - Award Winning Wine

Schloss Reinhartshausen 2016 Erbach Hohenrain Riesling “Old Vines” dry

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Schloss Reinhartshausen’s 2016 Erbach Hohenrain Riesling “Old Vines” dry wine received a ‘Five Star’ rating at the Harper’s Wine Stars competition. This is the highest rating available and is given to outstanding wines that comes highly recommended. The judges agreed that it is well priced, and has good acidity, fruit and concentration. They described it as a “juicy, fruity and spritzy” wine.

This dry Riesling shows intense fruit aromas and has flavours of ripe peach, apricot and yellow citrus fruit.

Schloss Reinhartshausen’s wine estate is amongst the best in the world. For the cellar masters of Schloss Reinhartshausen it is both an honour and a pleasure to be able to work at such a site.

The Hohenrain site is located above the old centre of Erbach, situated on the south-facing slope with a gradient of 10%. This guarantees sun until early evening hours. The site is also protected from harsh westerly-winds by a wall.

In 1519 the site was mentioned for the first time as “wingard des reyngen” and in 1543 as the “Hohenreine”. The term “Rhain” means a slope at the edge of agricultural land near communities, which means the wine site is a neighbour to the sites of the community - the village of Kiedrich. In the Hohenrain you find deep loess-loam and tertiary marly soil.

Once harvested, the grapes from these old vines are gently pressed by horizontal wooden presses involving intense manual labour.

Alcohol:          12,0% vol.
Res. sugar:     8,8 g/l
Acidity:           7,3 g/l