Laible 2014 Tausend Sterne (1,000 Stars) Riesling QbA Dry

Laible 2014 Tausend Sterne (1,000 Stars) Riesling QbA Dry

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Notably more straw yellow (tinged with green) than the water whites of his other 2014s. Lemon peel, meadow flowers, there’s a tapestry of interest on the nose which is hard to pull apart and probably shouldn’t be! His wines keep making me think of music and this one makes me think of the silver purity of a trumpet solo. Honeysuckle and lemon verbena top notes over fleshy white peach and crisp apple. The crunch of freshly fallen snow. Translucent and breathtakingly lovely.

(Written by Tamlyn Currin –

Passion fruit and mellow pineapple, dried apricots with a subtle scent of rosewood. Convincing in taste because of its amazing tension. Fine minerality and a complex finish.
A thousand stars are captivating your senses because this wine spreads in every compass direction. Tasting this wine is a humbling experience. This Riesling is a balancing act between baroque, opulent strength and delicate innocence. The numerous different facets which are lasting on the palate are fascinating. Just like the special moment in my memory dedicated to wine…Together with my wife Corinna under the starlit sky on a little bench at a very particular location. Enjoy exploring!

Alcohol:     13,0% vol.
Res. sugar: 6,0 g/l
Acidity:       7,8 g/l