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Göttelmann 2021 Münsterer Kapellenberg Riesling Auslese White Wine

Göttelmann 2021 Münsterer Kapellenberg Riesling Auslese (0,5l)

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This high quality Riesling Auslese is one of Germany's top sweet wines. It has delicious fruity aromas of dried apricots, rhubarb and quince. The concentration of sugar in the juice is about 30%. 

Vinification: This Auslese was made from raisins that were selected from the single site Kapellenberg during the final week of October. The naturally dried berries were carefully hand picked over several days. Just 300 litres of this exclusive wine were produced, that's 600 bottles of 500ml. 

Food Recommendations: This Riesling Auslese is the perfect companion to any dessert or even Gorgonzola. It's also the perfect aperitif.

Alcohol: 7,5%
Residual Sugar: 104 g/l  
Acidity: 8,1g/l