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A Guided Tour Through the Wirsching Wine Estate with Andrea Wirsching

The Wirsching estate is based in Iphofen in the Franken wine region of Germany. Huge oak forests shield the vineyard slopes from the north and east. Together with heat-retaining Gipsum Keuper soil, the perfect micro-climate is created to produce wonderfully expressive wines laden with minerality and refreshing acidity. Wirsching produce exceptional Silvaner, the main wine varierty associated with the region. They also produce fantastic Riesling and Scheurebe.
Many of Wirchsing’s wines are available in the Franken region's traditional Bocksbeutel - a type of wine bottle with the form of a flattened ellipse with a short neck.
The name of this traditional bottle originates from the word “book” because, as a hip flask, it fitted into the pouch in which monks and pilgrims carried their prayer book. Since the beginning of the 18th century, the Bocksbeutel has been the trademark of exceptional wines from Franconia.
Wirsching say, “For us, the Bocksbeutel embodies tradition, uniqueness and home. That is why we use it for our local wines and the majority of our single-vineyard wines.”
Wirsching are a certified member of FAIR'N GREEN. FAIR'N GREEN is a recognised system for sustainable viticulture in Germany, covering areas of environmental protection and social responsibility.
Check out the video below, as Andrea Wirsching gives us a guided tour of the Wirsching wine estate...

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