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Winemaker Spotlight: Wirsching

Wirsching Wine Estate

Based in Franken, the Hans Wirsching estate has been making wonderfully expressive wines since the 1630’s. The winery’s original values of quality and consistency have been upheld, whilst the skills and knowledge have been passed down through 14 generations of the Wirsching family.

Huge oak forests shield the vineyard slopes from the north and east. Together with heat-retaining Gipsum Keuper soil, the perfect micro-climate is created to produce wonderfully expressive wines laden with minerality and refreshing acidity. Of the wine produced by Wirschling 38% is Silvaner, 19% Riesling. followed by Scheurebe and assortment of others.

Wirsching are regarded as the region’s leading Silvaner producers and, as such, their 2015 Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg Silvaner Grand Cru was selected among the Top 50 German wines by the German wine magazine Falstaff. Wirsching are taking part in the Wine Spectator’s Grand Tour later this month and will proudly be presenting their Silvaner Grand Cru. Wine Spectator describe the vintage as a, "Medium to full-bodied white that combines an oily mouthfeel with firm structure. It expresses ripe and exotic persimmon and orange notes mid-palate, backed by lively acidity and a touch of pastry. The mouthwatering finish is very complex.”

Their 2016 Iphöfer Julius Echter Berg Silvaner Grand Cru dry vintage has proved popular too, winning a gold medal at the International Wine Challenge 2019.

The winery’s Rieslings have also grabbed the attention of wine critics. Jancis Robinson, who is described as “the most respected wine critic and journalist in the world” by Decanter magazine, praised Wirsching’s 2015 Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg Riesling Grand Cru Dry. She also selected it as the course wine for her Masterclass at the China Wine Summit 2019.

Jancis Robinson praises Wirsching wine at the China Wine Summit 2019

In international competitions, wine tastings and reviews, Wirsching consistently receive the highest recognition and rankings, reflecting the elegance, aroma, intensity and quality of their wines. The WineBarn highly recommend you sample their wines for yourself.

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