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Sommelier Spotlight: Lukas Hyner at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

We recently had a chat with one of our favourite sommeliers, Lukas from Le Manoir up in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. Raymond Blanc’s vision for
Le Manoir has always been one of world-class flavours and a focus on organic produce.


How would you describe Le Manoir's wine selection?

Le Manoir has a good balance between wine and nature, a strong focus on quality and purity. We favour Biodynamic and Organic wines.

What attracted you to The WineBarn's selection?

It was the quality and exclusivity of selection, as The WineBarn is the sole importer of many great German wines.

What is your opinion on the reception of German wine in your restaurant?

We’re still in the process of educating and reintroducing dry Rieslings to our guests, but we also invite our clientele to taste lesser known grapes native to Germany.

Where is the wine selection of Le Manoir heading in the coming months?

Rosé for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What’s your favourite food and wine pairing on offer at Le Manoir?

I should say German Riesling but its Cornish Crab, our garden sorrels, cucumber and apple, served with Italian Soave.

Example produce from Le Manoir's gardens @belmondlemanoir

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