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  1. Introduction to white

    3 bottles each



    Allendorf: 2014 Save Water, Drink Riesling

    Wittmann: 2014 100 Hills Riesling Qba dry 

    Wirsching: 2014 Scheurebe Qba dry 

    St.Urbanshof: 2014 Urban Riesling off-dry 

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  2. Introduction to red

    3 bottles each



    Keller: 2012 Franz Keller Spätburgunder dry 

    Heger: 2012 Spätburgunder Sonett dry

    Becker: 2012 Estate Spätburgunder Qba dry 

    Aldinger: 2014 Estate Lemberger dry 

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  3. Mid-Range White

    2 bottles each



    Wittmann: 2013 Scheurebe Qba dry 

    Allendorf: 2013 Winkler Hasensprung Red Riesling dry 

    Becker: 2011 Weissburgunder Kalkgestein dry 

    Bassermann -Jordan: 2013 Deidesheimer Kieselberg Riesling dry 

    Schäfer- Fröhlich: 2011 Nahe Riesling dry 

    Wirsching: 2013 Iphöfer Kronsberg Silvaner Kabinett dry 

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  4. Mid-Range Red

    2 bottles each



    Becker: 2012 Spätburgunder B 

    Aldinger: 2013 Untertürkheimer Gips Spätburgunder 

    Keller: 2013 Franz Anton Spätburgunder dry

    Bercher: 2011 Sasbacher Limberg Spätburgunder Erste Lage dry

    Meyer-Näkel: 2013 Estate Frühburgunder Qba dry 

    Bercher: 2011 Limberg XI dry 

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  5. Premium White (no Riesling)

    2 bottles each



    Bercher: 2013 Burkheimer Feuerberg Heslen Weissburgunder Grand Cru dry 

    Heger: 2013 Ihringer Winklerberg Grauburgunder Premier Cru dry 

    Aldinger: 2014 Sauvignin Blanc Grand Reserve dry 

    Laible: 2014 Grauburgunder Chara dry 

    Wirsching: 2013 Iphöfer Kronsberg Scheurebe Alte Reben dry 

    Bercher: 2013 Chardonnay SE dry 

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  6. Premium White (purely Riesling)

    2 bottles each



    Göttelmann: 2013 Le Mur Riesling dry 

    Schäfer-Fröhlich: 2013 Schiefergestein Riesling dry 

    Wittmann: 2013 Westhofener Riesling Qba dry 

    Clemens Busch: 2014 Riesling Vom Roten Schiefer/ Red Slate Qba dry 

    Laible: 2014 Riesling "Chara" dry 

    St. Urbanshof: 2014 Saarfeilser Riesling off- dry 

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  7. Sweeties (noble sweet dessert)

    2 bottles each



    Göttlemann: 2014 Rheinberg Riesling Auslese (0.5l) 

    Clemens Busch: 2013 Marienburg Riesling Auslese Rothenpfad (0.375l) 

    St Urbanshof: 2014 Ockfener Bockstein Riesling Auslese (0.375l) 

    Wirsching: 2013 Iphöfer Kalb Silvaner Auslese (0.375l) 

    Bassermann-Jordan: 2012 Deidesheimer Hohenmorgen Riesling Auslese (0.375l) 

    Allendorf: 2011 Winkler Hasenprung Riesling Auslese (0.75l) 

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  8. Grand Cru White (purely Riesling)

    2 bottles each



    St.Urbanshof: 2012 Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Grand Cru dry

    Wirsching: 2013 Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg Riesling Grand Cru dry 

    Bassermann-Jordan: 2013 Kalkofen Riesling Grand Cru dry 

    Clemens Busch: 2013 Riesling Marienburg Grand Cru dry 

    Allendorf: 2013 Rüdesheimer Berg Roseneck Riesling Grand Cru dry (0.75l) 

    Wittmann: 2013 Kirchspiel Riesling Grand Cru dry 

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  9. Premier/Grand Cru White (non Riesling)

    3 bottles each



    Heger: 2013 Ihringer Winklerberg Chardonnay Premier Cru dry 

    Keller: 2013 Oberbergener Puloverbuck Weissburgunder VDP Erste Lage dry 

    Wirsching: 2013 Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg Silvaner Grand Cru dry

    Aldinger: 2014 Sauvignon Blanc Grand Reserve dry 

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  10. Premier Red

    3 bottles each



    Keller: 2012 Spätburgunder S dry 

    Heger: 2012 Ihringer Winklerberg Mimus Spätburgunder dry 

    Meyer-Näkel: 2013 Spätburgunder S Qba dry

    Allendorf: 2012 Assmannshäuser Höllenberg Spätburgunder Grand Cru dry 

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  11. Aromatics Case

    3 bottles each



    Aldinger: 2014 Sauvignon Blanc Grand Premier dry 

    Wittmann: 2014 Scheurebe Qba dry 

    Wirsching: 2013 St.Veit Cuvee dry 

    Göttelmann: 2013 Dautenpflänzer Riesling dry 

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  12. Rose Case

    3 bottles each



    Meyer-Näkel: 2014 Spätburgunder Rose Qba dry

    Becker: 2014 Peit Rose Cuvee dry 

    Solter: Solter Brut (Pinot Noir) Rose 

    Aldinger: 2014 Bentz Rose dry 

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Thank you for visiting The WineBarn and welcome to our wonderful world of German wine.  

You may be wondering, 'why should I buy German' and there is a very simple answer...

"German wines are elegant, reliable and, like all things German, made with great care to an outstanding level of quality!"  

We have a wonderful variety of wines for you to explore that offer exciting new taste just have to try them and that is why we are here!

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" I managed to taste all the wines shown at last night's WineBarn tasting in London and it was thrilling to taste the wines of two excellent growers in particular, one of whom was completely new to me, Göttelmann of the Nahe and Friedrich Becker of Schweigen is famous in Germany for the quality of his red wines, but they are difficult to find outside Germany. This is why we need enthusiastic specialist importers such as Iris Ellmann of The WineBarn."  Jancis Robinson, OBE, MW 

"The WineBarn is the jewel in the crown of German wine merchants."  Steven Spurrier, Consultant Editor, Decanter

“With the WineBarn, one can have total confidence in the soundness of advice, the quality of the wines, and the certain knowledge that each bottle opened would lead one into the pleasurable world of savouring German Wine at its best.”  Tim Barthorpe, private client

Flights of Fancy

To start you on your German wine journey we have put together a selection of Bespoke Cases that offer everything from an Introduction to German wines to a case of the very best Grand Cru wines.  To look at these wine cases simply click on one of the tabs.

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